Life in Vegasland

(I thought the desert color sceme would be appropriate)

2/14/98: I was going to just update this page by taking out everything that says "my boyfriend" but I realized that I'll have to change sentences as well, so I'll just note here that Perfect is NOT my boyfriend any longer. Big ugly story, doesn't need to be gone into detail. Still live with Dan, Esther, Andrew, and Perfect. Still share a room with Perfect. He sleeps on the top bunk of that bed now. Good thing we did buy a bunk bed, huh? Anyway, just wanted it to be noted that I am no longer with Perfect. So disregard anything that hints to the contrary.

11/4/97: Ben has moved back to California. He's still a part of our "family" though. We keep in touch and I send him his email. He's coming out here for the Ani DiFranco concert (woo hoo! Ani DiFranco!). We had a rough period where people went on vacation and people moved out. Now everthing is back to "normal" and each of us have a room (no, not five rooms, I just mean that no one is sleeping on the couch like before). We're supposed to be moving into another apartment, but now it looks like the person who is supposed to move out of the apartment we want to move into may not move out, so who knows?

8/9/97: Well, Jason is no longer with us. He hasn't been for quite a few weeks now. My boyfriend kicked him out! *grin*

7/8/97: I have updated my description of my roommates because Ben has been living with us for a while, and we just acquired a new roommate. The new roommate is Jason. A bad turn of events with his last roommate left him without a place to live, so we took him in and now we'll have 7 people paying bills (well 6 and one helping--Esther). Man, the bills are going to be so cheap!!! It tends to get a bit hectic around here and everyone likes to use the *one* computer that we have, so we all have to learn to compromise. Let me tell you, this is definately a unique experience. The Real World (MTV) right in our apartment! We should video tape it I swear!

6/11/97: Hmmmmm...Well, I live out here in Las Vegas now. I haven't really been able to see too much of the city, but it's great to be out here on my own. I have a job at Bank of America where I actually get to work at one of the vaults instead of in a bank branch. So that's cool because I don't have to deal with customers and sales and all that so it's so much less stressful than my last job.

I live out here with 4 (soon to be 5) other people. There's my boyfriend Perfect, my friend Dan, my friend Esther, and a roommate I didn't know until I moved out here. His name is Andrew. This weekend, Dan, Esther, and I are going out to California to visit the Renaissance Faire (where just about all my friends work) and come back with Ben. So there'll be 6 of us. Sure makes rent pretty cheap!

What else can I say about it out here? I'm on the internet and email all the time (I swear I get no sleep sometimes because of it--my fault)! I try to write letters to all those people back in Calfornia, but it gets so tiring writing the same things over and over again; sure would be nice if I had a printer so I could just type it up, copy and paste, then print out my letters. It would help if the people would write back too. I think I've only gotten responses from three people (and one of them is my dad!).

Well, I think that's about all there is to say about living out here, I know, not that exciting, but I'm pretty content.

My Roommates...

This is where I shall tell you a little bit about each person with whom I live, and provide a picture if possible.


My boyfriend at my 19th birthday party.

Okay, Perfect is my boyfriend. He is now 21. We've only been together since New Years (96-97), but we've at least known of each other since elementary. I'd like to think that we're pretty close, even though he says I trip him out sometimes. *grin* I just do that to people! They say I have my own "Becky logic." That's okay, I don't mind. I know I'm just a bit different than everyone else (then again, everyone is in their own way). Even though I tend to baffle Perfect, he's usually able to anticipate what I do or think even if he doesn't exactly understand why. That's okay though, just as long as he accepts it. It's nice to have a person know me that well. We recently bought a bed from a person with whom I work. It was our first purchase together! *grin* It's pretty nice. It's a bunk bed with a twin on top and a futon on the bottom (so we can make it into a couch). We sleep on the futon; it has so much more room than the twin we slept on before. We use the top bunk as a shelf, which comes in pretty handy. Well, I could go on and on about Perfect, but I think I'll just go on to the next roommate. Besides, I don't think he wants me telling the whole world all about him anyway!


"FREAK!!!" *pointing finger at him*

Okay, that feels better. Don't worry, Dan's used to that. It's an everyday occurrance (sp?) for him! *grin* Seriously though, Dan is a cool friend. He's very generous with what he buys (which may be a bit too much sometimes--what he buys that is). He collects music. He has like 500 cds! I may be exaggerating, but if I am, it's not by much! Makes my 40 look pitiful, but that's okay; at least I know that chances are he'll have what I want to listen to. He's also been buying lots of movies as of late, yes, including pornos (although mainly magazines for him). What else? He drives like a maniac, (Perfect fears for his life in Dan's car!) He likes to joke around a lot, usually at the expense of others (but he does make fun of himself as well), but it's all done in fun and games. Actually, all of us here tease each other, but I'd say Dan does it the most. Unfortunately, Esther and I are usually the targets...but that's okay!


Again, another picture taken at my 19th birthday party.  The hand holding the cigarette on the right belongs to my boyfriend.

Esther is our non-paying roommate. (Well, actually she has started paying, but she can't afford much, so she's not quite a full fledged, paying roommate yet, but her help is greatly appreciated.) She "officially" lives with her mom, but she's here every night, so she might as well accept that she lives here! At the end of the summer, there is the possibility of her moving in (actually moving in, bills and all). She doesn't like living with so many people though, so she finds comfort in knowing that she has another home to which to run if she gets fed up with all us. I don't neccessarily (sp?) know Esther that well, but she seems pretty cool. Every now and then she and I will get together and talk about guys and such. Neither she nor I have very many female friends because we tend to get along better with males.


Andrew is the roommate whom I didn't know until I moved out here. He used to do a lot of the cleaning and cooking until I got here. Right around the time I moved in was when Andrew was getting fed up with doing so much work, so he was very grateful that I had for the most part taken over. I actually haven't been doing my part lately, but Ben and Esther have been cleaning some. I think I'll try to do some more cleaning soon. I know Andrew gets fed up with cleaning after his "kids." Andrew pretty much handles the bills, although I like to help him. He cooks us meals a lot (which is most appreciated--I hate to cook). Also, he always has money saved up to cover the bills in case one of us loses our job.


Yet another picture taken at my 19th birthday party

Ben moved in on June 15th. He's also from California just like Dan, Perfect, and I. He just got job out here too. Yay! He's addicted to anything on a televsion--whether it be shows, movies, video games, computer, whatever. He's a really good friend of mine that I met through Kirby (vacuum cleaner). He is one of my many friends who worked Faire, and he'll be continuing that avenue when Northern Faire starts. I don't quite know how we'll work rent and all that, but it'll work out somehow.

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