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Mike just gave me his old pair of ski goggles, so I now have my very own. I think they fit a little better than Marc & Jaimee's extras, so that's cool. Of course I didn't have the helmet on when trying this pair, but I think they will work. :)

Phrases with Historical Meanings and Other Random Stuff

One thing I love about blogs is that you really can just post whatever you want. I was given this at work this earlier this week and decided to scan it. I've always liked learning the stories behind how phrases came to be. Enjoy!

Thanks to Jamie for posting a link to my blog!

I was listening to a radio show called "Intelligence For Your Life" on the way to Mike's this evening. It's really just random tid-bits, facts, advice, etc. Anyway, today there was a blurb about there being an epidemic of "like" overuse. This word tends to naturally get overused as a kid, but today's adults grew up in the 80's and because of the popularity of "Valley Girl" speak, today's adults tend to not correct kids as much for the overusage of "like". Interesting...the 80's linger on.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm going to be on the road tomorrow heading up to the Bay Area. So I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!!


Today I bought some conditioner at a store and paid with my Visa debit card. Since this is treated like a credit card, the lady asked me for my ID. When she saw it, she said, "Wow, have you lost a lot of weight?" It's always so nice to hear those sorts of things...helps keep my drive going. :)

New Blog / Movable Type

Thanks to my friend The Frog who referred me to Movable Type, I now have a new blog hosted on my domain server. I've transferred all of the posts over from the old blog, so it's a seemless transition.

I'm happy to say that I was able to return the favor to The Frog by discovering a "fix" she had been looking for during my install. Glad I could help!

Snowboard, Part 2

So I'm in San Diego at my brother's place (our family is celebrating Thanksgiving today) and I brought my new snowboard with me for him to check out. He says that it's probably a pretty good size for. He got the bindings all set up and told me a few things I should see about having done if it's cheap enough before we go. He just got new pants, a jacket, and goggles for his fiance for an early Christmas/Valentine's present. So she had me try on her old set. They also have an old helmet and an extra pair of gloves. They put everything together in an "extras" bag so that anyone interested in going with them can use the stuff. So it looks like the only thing I need to buy are wrist guards and maybe a thicker pair of socks and some thermals. I don't have boots, but I'm going to see if I can find a place that rents them. Other than that, I'm good to go!

How Much Do You Match Your Zodiac Sign?

More on SBC

Apparently I'm not the only to claim SBC is evil. My post is number 3!

Note: This is from when I had my blog hosted at Blogger. (added November 21, 2004)

Another Credit

Thanks Regina, for linking to my blog! :)


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Ah, the exam is over! I studied all day yesterday and crammed in as much studying as I could this morning (the exam wasn't until 1:30 in the afternoon). I sped read through the last 40 pages while in the exam site parking lot! It's hard to know for sure how I did, but I think it's quite possible that I passed. Maybe even likely. The results will be mailed by December 15th, so I only have to wait about a month to know; which is nice.

After the exam, I went to visit Danielle and Jamie. Danielle and I went out to dinner at Bennigan's, then went back to her place with take-out for Jamie, and the three of us talked until 11pm or so I think. My cheeks hurt from all the smiling and laughing! Great to see Danielle so much happier!

SpaceShipOne Calendar

SpaceShipOne Calendars are now available on the Rocketboosters site!

Recent Picture

For those of you who have been bugging me for a recent picture, here is one that was taken with Burt Rutan and Mike Massee in front of SpaceShipOne at the Rocketboosters celebration on Sunday.

Responding to Erik

Well I'm all packed up and am waiting on Mike so we can go out to eat before I head off to San Diego. So I have a little time yet before I abandon the computer. :)

Erik responded to my earlier question. Okay, I see what sitemeter is now. I use AWStats that tells me the same type of info. However, it's something Mike had to install on my domain server. For blogspot, I may indeed try out sitemeter.

Got another link to my blog. Thanks Mo!


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I am sitting for the Certified Government Auditing Professional (CGAP) exam on Thursday in San Diego. So I hope to stay away from the computer until then so that I can study. I even took tomorrow off work. I may actually still stray, but I'm really going to try to remain focused so I can pass!

And Yet Another...

| 2 Comments to my blog. Thanks bill! BTW, you have a link to my November Archive, which is fine...for November. But as soon as December hits, your link will be outdated. Would you mind updating it to just


I have a gmail (Google email) account. It has some pretty neat features, like being able to do a google search through your own messages and being able to apply more than one label to messages. You can only get an account through invite and the invites are limited. Right now I have 6 invites available, so if anyone wants a gmail account, just let me know!

My Blog's First Reference

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Neat! My blog just got its first reference here. So what is your sitemeter page, Erik? Obviously, it sounds like it tracks changes to web pages, but what is it that you use?

It's funny, I was somewhat opposed to blogging when I first learned of it. I don't actually know why since I'm such a technology / communications geek. I don't know, it just seemed like blogs would be airing too much personal stuff that ought to stay personal (mainly involving other people who may not wish to be blogged about). But then my friends starting getting blogs. At first I didn't really read them...not out of protest or anything, I just never got around to it. Once I finally did, I realized that they're not always about other people's personal business. They can just be random thoughts or intellectual debates. When stuff is personal, it's typically personal to *that* person without creating the drama of airing other people's personal business. Obviously blogs come in a variety of flavors, so there are drama filled blogs, but it finally dawned on me that they don't have to be. So here I am, with my very own blog. I'm thinking that my life must have been filled with drama back then and so that's all I could think that I would write about and just avoided it all together. I guess I never bothered to reassess that decision until recently.

I've really enjoyed reading the blogs that I frequent daily. They help me to feel more in touch with my friends since I get to read about their thoughts and various activities. And I'm really finding this blogging thing neat. Because Blogger doesn't have a simple interface where you can enter URLs to have links added to the sidebar, I had to learn how to read and edit the template. This really excited the geek in me. Learning more inspired me to redesign my website. I look forward to playing around with my website quite a bit this winter!

Update: Two references in one night! I was just checking out my friend Tim Sandefur's blog and he has added a link to his LONG list of blog links. I wonder which one truly gets credit for the "first" reference since they are both friends and reach each other's blogs regularly.

Printable Recipes

I have added printable versions of the three recipes I have up.

Meet the Fockers Premiere

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I am on the American Film Institute mailing list, so I get invited to premieres and various events. I just got a letter informing me of a Meet the Fockers premiere on Wednesday, December 16th in LA/Hollywood (it didn't actually mention which theater). It's a fundraising event, so I can share the information with anyone -- it doesn't have to be used by only me. I'm personally not going, but if anyone is interested, feel free to fill out the order form and send it in.


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I got a free snowboard today! It used to belong to one of my boss' sons. My brother has been trying to get me to go snowboarding for a couple years now. Now that I have a free board, I think I'll try it out at least once this season. I think my brother and his fiance have some other hand-me-down items to give me as well, so my snowboarding costs may not be that expensive. Neat!!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Poster released. :) :)

Keyboard Tray

Mike installed the keyboard tray today that I bought a couple months ago (computer room was entirely too messy before to attempt such a feat). I can now adjust my chair so my feet fully touch the ground...yay! I have a great boyfriend. :)

Testing Email Posting

It says I can submit a post by sending it to a specified email. Let's see if this works.

Note: This is from when I had my blog hosted at Blogger. (added November 21, 2004)

My Weight Loss

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I've been getting a lot of compliments about my weight loss. In fact, I've been mentioned in three blog entries. Here, here, and here. A lot of people have been asking me how I'm doing it. So by popular demand, I've posted my routine to my website. It can be found at:


So I guess I've actually decided to use the blog. I'm not sure how often I'll post. It may a lot or hardly at all. I'm just going to use it as a forum to post whatever I want, whenever I want. Don't really have a particular audience in mind. Not sure whether people will find it interesting or not. I think it might be kinda fun though. I do enjoy the 4 blogs that I frequent daily. But for now, I'm not really going to advertise it. I've put a link on my website and I've told all of 2 people -- one because she asked a week or so ago if I had written in my blog yet and the other because he IM'd me as I was putting it up. Let people happen across it as they will and we'll see how it goes.

SBC is evil

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I'm completely floored. When DSL was first offered in Rosamond last February, I signed up (dial-up was killing me). The cheapest package they had with 384 k upload (instead of 128) was $45 a month if I signed up for a year contract (otherwise it's $140!! a month). I've noticed since DSL has taken off in this area that they've lowered the rates a bit to $37 per month for essentially the same package with a year contract or $60 a month w/out a contract. So I called them up because I wanted to see about getting the cheaper package.

First I found out that it would be $40 a month instead because I didn't have a bunch of services on my phone line (why would I need to when I have a cell phone?). If I did sign up for the cheaper service, I'd have to sign another year contract, which I figured. However, there's a potential that I could be moving within the next year, so I asked what would happen if I moved in with someone who already had SBC DSL. They said I would be charged a $200 disconnection fee because even though I'd be moving in with someone who already had the service, I could always choose to get a second line and transfer my DSL to it (which, of course, would be positively dumb).

Being the thinker/analyzer that I am, I decided to ask about other moving scenarios. I found out that if I were to move to an area that SBC didn't service, I would STILL be charged the $200 disconnection fee because it would be my choice to move to that area and I could have instead chosen to not move or move to an area that SBC services. (Yeah, because I'm going to make my moving decisions based on telephone company. Right.) However, if I moved to an area that SBC serviced for telephone, but did not service for DSL, they would waive the $200 fee. There seems to be an error in their logic because they could potentially use the same argument they used about moving to an area not serviced by SBC...I could simply choose not to move or to move to an area where SBC did offer DSL.

I'm amazed. Every other company I have ever dealt with would waive the disconnection fee if I moved to an area they didn't service because it wasn't my fault that they didn't offer services in that area. SBC's stance is that they are not allowed to offer their services in certain areas; therefore, it's not THEIR fault that they can't offer services to an area I chose to move to so they should not have to waive the penalty. Apparently, deciding whether or not to sign a contract with SBC is as serious as deciding whether or not to sign an apartment lease. Unbelievable.

Needless to say, I did not swtich to the cheaper rate at this time. I will see where my life stands in February when my current contract expires and decide what to do then.