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Interesting Idea

Sick of misplacing your glasses? Sick of your glasses falling down your nose? Sick of indents behind your ears? Check this out.

Congratulations, Tim!!

My friend Tim Sandefur is now engaged! Congratulations!! I was wondering when you posted about looking for a house together. I even did a search for "Erin" in this month and last month to see if I missed any news. Then I didn't check your blog for a few days and you went and got engaged while I wasn't looking!

Again, congratulations, I am so incredibly happy for the both of you!!

Busy, Moving, and Biopsy

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I know I haven't posted much lately. I've been so busy with moving! And of course, I am now 3 weeks or so behind on sending out birthday cards.

The move went well; Mike and I both turned in our keys to our old places on Tuesday. We have all the major stuff set up, so it feels like we live here; but there are of course still tons of boxes to unpack. It has been hard to accomplish unpacking during the week, because with my 9-hour (plus 45 min lunch, plus hour in total commute) days, by the time I get all the "necessary" stuff done for the day, it's already time to hop in the shower and get to bed! Ugh.

I had a biopsy of a mole yesterday. I'll find out in 3 weeks whether or not it's cancerous. The doctors looked at it and said it was nothing, but when they asked my I was concerned, I said because the mole didn't used to exist. I watched it grow in and turn from light to dark. Also, I got a REALLY bad sunburn there a few years ago...blisters and all...and the sunburn was all my fault, so so stupid; I probably increased my risk of skin cancer tenfold during that one weekend. Anyhow, because of those reasons, they decided to biopsy it to be sure. That makes me feel better because I'm all about early detection, and I'll feel betting actually knowing that it's not skin cancer rather than the doctor's just saying it doesn't look like skin cancer. Or it could go the other way and actually BE skin cancer, in which case I will be REALLY glad that I had the biopsy!

Okay, I feel better now having actually posted something instead of the lame posts that have been up as of late. Off to work I go...

Update to Potential Deal

My dad's friend found a buyer.

Potential Deal

A friend of my dad's in Vegas is dealing with the death of his own dad and is offering a bunch of stuff for a quick, flat $2,000. I want to help him out, but I don't want to send a mass email about it and annoy the 300+ people on my mailing list. So I thought posting it to this blog would be a good compromise...I spread the word (sort of - I think there are only 4 people who read my blog), but without sending a mass unsolicited email.

Anyway, his dad died and he needs to go to Florida and take care of things, but doesn't have the funds. So he is offering $194,000 in assets for $2,000. However, he needs it to be in cash and right away. Also, the person needs to come pick up the stuff. The lot includes:

-$25,000 estimate Rock Musician Sting signed self portrait called CHECKMATE

-$1200 walnut chess table

-$750 heart cut diamond engagement ring

-$120,000 in rare complete sets baseball cards and superstars: about 200 complete sets in albums with protector sheets in mint condition and about additional 3200 individually in plastic hard card holders of superstars each valued $1 to $20 some Mickey mantles, Willie Mays, Bonds, Sosa, etc etc

-$300 computer and monitor

-$47,000 in www.Intagio.com barter dollars credit balance can be used for airline tickets foreign and domestic, used cars, boats. They are world's largest Barter network.

He says this is a once in lifetime opportunity for someone to have hobby to build up networth. Everything has already been priced (using a Beckett book from around 3-4 years ago)...with complete inventory sheets available on the cards.

So if you happen to be interested, let me know, and I will get you in touch with him.

Update: My dad's friend found a buyer.

Thade and His Handiwork


So my funny little cat Thade has decided to make it his mission, every day, to open up all the cupboards and drawers at ground level. Weird cat. :)