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I would like to call attention to 3 fundraisers and encourage you to donate to at least one of them:

2005 AIDS Walk Los Angeles (The website only allows donations for $25 and up. If you would like to donate a smaller amount, or just don't feel comfortable donating online, then contact me and I will give you the address of my friend who is participating in the October 16, 2005 walk. You can mail him a check payable to AIDS Walk Los Angeles or AWLA.)

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team In Training (You can donate any amount through this website -- there is no minimum.)

Anthony J. Nickols, Jr. Foundation (You can't actually donate money through this website, but it has a form you can print and mail money in.)

Navi and Ringworm

As Erik pointed out, I never did give an update of Navi's case of ringworm. I never even responded to the comments on that post. There are actually several other things I haven't given updates on either. Have I mentioned my hectic schedule? But, after this weekend, I will be done with school until mid October - yay! I hope to keep my blog a little more updated, at least until school starts in October again.

So anyway, yes, Navi is all better. :) I still have to bathe all 3 cats occassionally (I've gone to every two weeks now) to keep the ringworm away. That will slowly taper off. Mike took a picture of Navi soaking wet. I need to get it from him so I can post it.

And thank you Erik for being "glad to hear it." I do know that you could care less about the cat, but you're probably glad to hear that *I* don't have to deal with the pains of ringworm anymore (or at least the pains have lessened). So I'll accept that. :)

Obligitory Entry

Well I see that my blog is empty, so I guess I should put something up.

I'm currently out of town on a business trip. It's been pretty busy lately. I'm REALLY looking forward to my vacation in Sept!!

That's all for now.

How? Why?

I'm a big cat person. I love cats, adore them. But how on earth can someone have over 300 of them in a house -- with 86 of them dead?!

Hectic Schedule

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July 8 - 10 -- Vegas trip
July 15 - 17 -- SF trip (brother's karate tournament)
July 20 - Aug 5 -- Audit near Ventura
Aug 8 - 18 -- Auditor school at March ARB
Aug 31 - Sep 13 -- East coast trip with Mike
Sep 17 - 19 -- Bay Area trip

Anyone think I'm crazy? ;)


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