August 2005 Archives

The Body Shop at Home

So I went to a Body Shop party at my friend's house today. I bought way too much stuff of course, but it was pretty neat. I thought they were mostly just lotions, but they're apparently a bit of everything. Go check them out.

Update: Here's a picture that was taken of us while we were trying on various face products. :)

Body Shop at Home party at Andrea's

It's a Big Ad

I'm not really a fan of beer, but they do tend to have neat commercials. Take this Carlton Draught Big Ad for instance.

Another Shuttle PowerPoint

I got another PowerPoint from someone on base. This one is a conglomerate of stuff, starting with the take off of a shuttle. However, the slides appear to come from various sources, so I couldn't tell you whether or not they are related to the Discovery. The first two slides don't appear to have the same markings that are shown in Taking off from Cape Canaveral and Landing at Edwards pictures. Although the third slide looks like it could potentially have the same markings.

Anyhow, enjoy the slide show, but I make no claim that it is related to the Discovery.

More Shuttle Shots

I got some more photos today at work. These are of the shuttle taking off from Cape Canaveral. I also got one more photo to add to my Landing at Edwards page.

That Pack Rat That I Am

Now that I'm out of school for a bit, I've decided to finally get to tackling some of my unpacked boxes. The first box I opened of course had to be a hard of many boxes of past school work. My boyfriend had to actually convince me that I would never need my Chemistry notes again. I explained how if I ever did, the notes that I had were so nice, neat, and easy to follow because I had a good teacher who explained things very well, whereas the textbook confused me. Finally I kept a few pieces of paper from my Chemistry class and threw the rest in the trash. It was really hard to do. Breaking pack rat tendancies definitely isn't easy!

Elliptical continued

My wonderful boyfriend set up a TV and DVD player in the garage and I got to do a 42 minute workout while watching an episode of Gilmore Girls from Netflix. I didn't do an intensive workout or anything, but I kept moving for the entire 42 minutes, and that's definitely a start.

New (to me) Elliptical Machine


Well I bought myself an elliptical machine. The Pro-Form Cardio CrossTrainer 800 to be exact. Someone had put it on the base bulletin for $175 and I took a look at it yesterday and brought it home. I did my first 20 minute workout on it today. :) It doesn't have all the bells and whistles like this one, but man, look at the price difference!!

Shuttle Shots

Unfortunately, I missed the landing of the shuttle at Edwards AFB because I was at March ARB for a two week training class. However, I have collected some pictures that people on base have sent me. Enjoy!


Have I mentioned how much I love having a washer and dryer?


Well my latest school term ended last Sunday. I know I got an A in my Database Management course. I'm still waiting to see what I got on the final in my Finance course. I will either have an A or A-, but I'm pretty sure it will be an A. Yay. :)

Slight revision to my hectic schedule:

July 8 - 10 -- Vegas trip
July 15 - 17 -- SF trip (brother's karate tournament)
July 19 - 22 & July 26 - 29 -- Audit Assist near Ventura
Aug 7 - 19 -- Auditor school at March ARB
Aug 31 - Sep 13 -- East coast trip with Mike

The Ani concert on Sept 18th was cancelled. I hope she recovers, but since she'll still be working on recording projects, I'm a little concerned. As far as the time goes though, honestly, I'm somewhat relieved. I was going to have to take that Monday off work since the concert was on a Sunday and in the Bay Area. Half of my vacation is going to be leave without pay, and half of that Monday would have been leave without pay as well, so I need to start accumulating vacation time again!

This last term was pretty busy, and I traveled so much during it! In addition to the above schedule, my brother got married on June 11th (yay!), which was just two weeks into the term. And I had somewhere to go every weekend between then and the above chaos! Luckily, the others were local, one-day trips, but still...

So now that it's over, I feel FREEDOM! I'm taking the Fall I term off, so I won't be back in school until mid-October! That means my weeknights are MINE again! I can read for pleasure, I can relax, and I can get back to the boxes that are still unpacked from my move back in February!

However, as the schedule above shows, I'll be gone for 4 weeks out of my little break. But I'm looking forward to both of those trips...the training for work should be fun and of course the two week excursion in Sept will be a VACATION that Mike and I so desperately need. I'm very proud of Mike, but man he works really hard. He's in a unique position where he's able to work for himself and has more work than he can handle. Unfortunately, that means he's ALWAYS working. Even his mini vacations involve work of some sort, even if it's unpaid work helping out a family member with computer problems or something. The beginning of our Sept vacation will actually be work for him too because he's photographing a friend's wedding. But he vowed to not work for the rest of the vacation after the wedding.

Today, I finally got to start reading The Talisman given to me by Erik last Christmas. I will also be seeing Erik in the next two weeks and borrowing the new Harry Potter. Yay! :)