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R.I.P. Sandi/Swoney

I just found out today that a friend died. Lafay contacted me for some pictures. I'm in shock. I went through ALL of my pictures and only came across three. I uploaded them to my web page here so anyone can download them:

I knew that I had only seen her a handful of times in my life. But as I looked through the pictures, I realized that I think I've only actually seen her twice in person. The first time we met was when Nathan moved back to Vegas. The other time I saw her was at the 2003-4 New Year's Eve party.

Most of our friendship developed via email after I moved back to California. I actually called her the last time I was in Vegas, but I had the wrong number programmed in my cell phone. I chatted with her about it after I got home and we were going to try to hook up the next time I headed out there.

She was very nice and I wish I had time to know her better. My deepest condolences to those who knew her well.

As soon as I got the email from Lafay, I started browsing through everyone's blogs trying to find out some details. Here are some references to her that I found:

Her Obituary
Zoenation Forum
Lafay's Blog
Nathan's Blog
Jenny the Great
Terry's MySpace Blog
Waldo's online diary
Jen Knighten's livejournal
The guy who linked to the obituary

For those who can make it:

Sandi K. Seldney
Memorial Service

Palm Mortuary Eastern
7600 South Eastern Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89123
(702) 464-8500

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