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I Own A House!


Escrow closed today...I am officially a homeowner! :)

Birthday Continued...


I have a wonderful boyfriend. I didn't get to see him at all yesterday (my actual birthday) because he was working late. I woke up when he came to be after 1am and told him I wanted birthday cake (I had been craving it all evening). He said okay. I didn't think any more on it and this morning, the craving was gone.

Today I went to work and then went to class. I sent Mike a text message on my way home like I always do after class so he knows when to expect me. He sent a text back asking if I could stop by XCOR on my way home. I responded sure. I wondered why, but didn't ask; figured I would just find out when I got there.

Aleta opened the door when I rang the bell and walked with me to the back room. When I walked in, Mike was holding a piece of cheesecake with a candle in it and everyone there sang me happy birthday. It was so sweet and took me completely by surprise.

I love my boyfriend. Tomorrow is our 2 year anniversary. :)

Birthday Wishes


Thank you everyone who remembered my birthday today. It's been very stressful for me lately with school, work, and the house. I've been near tears on numerous occassions. Just two more weeks, and the house and current school term will be done.

Seriously though, it hasn't really felt like a birthday. Had both work and school tonight...haven't even seen Mike yet today. It's been a busy time for both of us. Our 2 year anniversary is on Wednesday, but we'll have to find time to celebrate later.

Having so many people remember my birthday really made my day. I needed thank you all so much! *HUGS*

Buying a House


Well, I am buying the house. The contract was signed on Nov 12th, but there were a couple factors making it a bit shaky. However, escrow finally opened yesterday and closes on Dec 16th. I am very excited!!

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