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Poor Kitty, Part 2

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The kitten came back again this afternoon, meowing its head off and trying to squeeze through a whole in the fence that was too small for it. I approached the kitten from a different direction, but it took off again and ran to the other side of our backyard. Apparently there's a whole in the fence just big enough for it to squeeze through there too. I went out to the front yard, but again no sign.

After they kitten ran off, I peered through the fence and the mother cat was peeking out from under the porch because she had heard her baby calling for her. When I went out to the front, I tried the gate next door and it was unlocked, so I opened it a little bit. Hopefully when the kitten gets brave enough to try to come back into our yard, it'll see the opening to the other yard and find its way to its mommy.

I feel so bad for the little thing. It's terrified and hungry, and probably cold too because it's windy today.

Poor Kitty :(

Mike and I were woken up around 8am this morning by the sound of a kitten meowing in agony. When I first woke up, I thought it was my cat Navi in the house somewhere, but Mike asked if it was outside. Sure enough, I paused to listen and it was coming from outside. I looked through our window and there was a little kitten in our backyard trying to get over the fence. I could see the shadow of another animal (presumably its mother) on the other side of the fence. So Mike and I went outside with the plan to help the kitten get to its mom. But as soon as the kitten saw us, it went running out through a whole in our fence leading to the front yard.

I went to the front yard to see if I could find the kitten, but there was no sign. I looked through the fence of the next door neighbor's (which is currently vacant) and indeed saw an adult cat. We wonder how the kitten got over the fence in the first place.

This afternoon after running errands, I came home and thought I heard the sound of the kitten meowing again. I looked around, but couldn't find it. I really hope the kitty finds its momma.

Wedding Date


We've officially set a date...November 4, 2006. :)

Nice Weather

The weather was so nice today that Mike and I took a walk around our neighborhood and ate dinner on the patio in the backyard. It was so calming.

Eisenhower (IKE) 10-year Reunion - Class of 1996

I started inquiring about a 10-year reunion since I hadn't heard anything. I found out that some folks at MySpace have gotten together to try to plan the Reunion. I've created a webpage to track the planning details and and we have a MySpace Reunion Group for discussions. Be sure to sign up for the mailing list if you want to stay informed on the details of the reunion!

Graduated From Therapy

Physical Therapy discharged me last week saying that since the doctor says I have to wait a year to get the screw out, there's really nothing more they can do about the limited range of motion in my left ankle. So they told me to continue with the exercises, but I don't have to go to them anymore.

Occupational Therapy did a re-assessment last night. He said I improved a lot quicker than he had thought I would. He told me I was doing a good job and to keep up with my exercises at home, but I can stop coming in.

So yay, no more driving out to Palmdale every week (started at 3 times a week, then moved down to 2, and finally down to once a week). I'm officially on my own! :)