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Wow. I just talked to the person who was the driver that hit me two years ago. She lives in my housing complex and I'm on the Board of Directors for the Homeowner's Association. She called about an HOA matter, and I recognized her name from the traffic report. So after the HOA stuff was settled, I told her who I was in relation to that accident.

I think we both cried on the phone, at least I know I did. She was pretty shaken. I couldn't stop pacing after I got off the phone with her. It was a good conversation, but I know I threw her for a loop, because she never knew my name or anything. She didn't even know for a few months whether I was dead or alive, because the police wouldn't tell her. It was only through a mutual friend that she found out I was okay.

She apparently had a really rough time, went through depression, was put on medication, and still can't drive at night. She kept apologizing to me and I told her it was a freak accident and we definitely harbor no ill will. I was glad when the traffic report came back saying she wasn't at fault, because we didn't want the insurance to go after her; we were completely fine with leaving her out of it. She said she just kept thinking what an awful Christmas present she gave to my parents, because she thought she had killed me. She didn't see me until she saw my body flying off her car. I can't even imagine having that image stuck in my head.

She did piece together a little more of the accident for me. I presume she got the detail from the folks in the other car because she knows know them. Or it was somehow relayed to her at the scene by either the folks in the other car or the cops via the folks in the other car. Anyhow, she said I was crouching down in the middle of the road on the other lane. (That must be the distinct memory I have of petting the dog.) She said that when the other car came, it startled me and I stood up and backed into her lane right as she was coming.

She said that she's open to meeting in person. She actually hasn't gotten her van fixed and is okay with me taking a picture of it. I was worried she'd think I was morbid for wanting a picture, but she was worried I'd think she was morbid for not fixing it.

I know that I went through a lot physically, and some mentally, but I can't even imagine the mental trauma she went through, and will continue to go through.


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