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Updated Blog

I've migrated my website to Pair and in doing so, installed a newer version of Movable Type.  I was able to import all of my old entries, and even got pretty much all of the sidebar stuff carried over.  I wasn't able to carry over the same design that I had before, but I found a theme that's close enough for now.  I will probably play around with this more in the months to come, but for now, I just want to make sure all of the content carries over.

Disabling Comments

Unfortunately, I have decided to disable the comment feature. It used to be that I'd get a few spam comments here and there. On a rare occassion I'd get a dozen or so at a time. However, lately, I've been getting 50+ spam comments a day. About a week ago, I got 180 spam comments in a 2-day period. I've had it set to "moderate" the comments for a while so that I have to approve the comment before it shows up, but it's taking too much time and effort to go through and delete hundreds of spam comments each week. If I figure out a fix, I may re-enable the comment feature. Until then, if you want to comment to any of my posts, send the message here. I'll even post it to blog entry myself so that it will be viewable by others. :)

Web Journal

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My fiance has joined the world of web journaling. Check out his web journal here. :)

Taking a Break

Okay, so I know I've promised details and pictures about my trip and I've failed to deliver. Well, right now, I think I need to take a break from the computer and blogging and reading other people's blogs, etc. I find that I haven't been able to truly relax in who knows how long. I'm always thinking of everything I have to do, and my not being able to relax is potentially affecting other aspects of my life. So I'm trying to get rid of all my self imposed responsibilities, like blogging, emailing, etc. Don't know if I'll be keeping up with birthday cards or not, I haven't decided.

I've cleaned out my inbox so that there are zero messages in it. I've moved all the other messages to folders where I can go to them if I want but they aren't readily in my face. I'm trying to remove the excessive amount of clutter that I have in my life; it clogs my brain, so maybe not seeing those messages will have a positive psychological effect. They're still there if I need to get to them, but I don't know if I ever will. I will continue to check my email and try to respond to new messages as I get them so that they don't clog up my inbox again. Right now, I'm selling some used text books online, so I need to check my email daily, but I hope that after those are sold, I will be able to limit my use of the computer to every couple of days.

In the meantime, I'm going to divide my free time between reading (something I absolutely love to do and hope it will help me relax) and going through the many boxes in my garage that haven't been opened since I lived in Vegas. School starts back up in a month, so I want to take advantage of the last little bit of free time I have.

Wish me luck!

P.S. That's not to say that I won't post to my blog every now and again as I get bored, but I do sincerely hope to limit my time on the computer.

Obligitory Entry

Well I see that my blog is empty, so I guess I should put something up.

I'm currently out of town on a business trip. It's been pretty busy lately. I'm REALLY looking forward to my vacation in Sept!!

That's all for now.

Goodbye, Tim

Tim has decided to leave the blog-o-sphere. On his way out, he tagged me. I'll have to address the tag at a later date. Tim's departure took me by surprise, but creating extra time to expand his horizons is cerainly a valid reason. I'm glad that Tim is my friend in real life too, so I know that it will not be the last I see of or hear from him. Tim, enjoy putting forth effort toward maintaining your own home with your lovely bride-to-be. I fully expect a wedding invitation. :) Congratulations again, btw. I can't wait to see you again and finally meet Miss Erin.

Another Link!

Thanks for the link Julie!



Seeing as how I'm sick and don't feel like cleaning, I've decided to sit at the computer and finally make some changes to the blog. I'm now happy with the individual entry pages and monthly & category archive pages. However, I don't know about the main page. I thought I had way too much stuff on my right sidebar, so I thought I'd create a left sidebar and move all the blog archive stuff over there. But now I feel like it looks cluttered. Please, I'm open to opinions about the new look and suggestions for any changes.

Update: Actually, as soon as I posted this message, I realized it looks a little cleaner. I think it looked so cluttered because of the white block in the Randomly Generated Resolution below.

A Little Better

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Last week I complained about the look of my blog. I just made the font size bigger, and looks a little better. I would love to tweak it some more, but I've really got to get to cleaning my apartment and stop procrastinating. I've lived here for a year and a half, and I'm STILL not unpacked! My goal is to be truly *done* by the end of this weekend. I'm sick of not doing stuff because I have to clean and unpack. I just need to get it over with and move on with my life, especially with going back to school and all.

Okay, enough procrastinating, here I go...

Need A Change

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I really need to change the look of my blog. There's something about it that I don't quite like. However, I have an apartment that I have vowed to *really* clean by January 10th (the day I go back to school for a Masters in Computer Resources and Information Management). So playing with the look of my blog will likely have to wait. On the bright side, I hope to kick my pack-rat tendencies in 2005 like I kicked poor eating and exercise habits in 2004.