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Wish List

For those of you wanting to buy me stuff, I've updated my Amazon Wish List.

Birthday Continued...


I have a wonderful boyfriend. I didn't get to see him at all yesterday (my actual birthday) because he was working late. I woke up when he came to be after 1am and told him I wanted birthday cake (I had been craving it all evening). He said okay. I didn't think any more on it and this morning, the craving was gone.

Today I went to work and then went to class. I sent Mike a text message on my way home like I always do after class so he knows when to expect me. He sent a text back asking if I could stop by XCOR on my way home. I responded sure. I wondered why, but didn't ask; figured I would just find out when I got there.

Aleta opened the door when I rang the bell and walked with me to the back room. When I walked in, Mike was holding a piece of cheesecake with a candle in it and everyone there sang me happy birthday. It was so sweet and took me completely by surprise.

I love my boyfriend. Tomorrow is our 2 year anniversary. :)

Birthday Wishes


Thank you everyone who remembered my birthday today. It's been very stressful for me lately with school, work, and the house. I've been near tears on numerous occassions. Just two more weeks, and the house and current school term will be done.

Seriously though, it hasn't really felt like a birthday. Had both work and school tonight...haven't even seen Mike yet today. It's been a busy time for both of us. Our 2 year anniversary is on Wednesday, but we'll have to find time to celebrate later.

Having so many people remember my birthday really made my day. I needed thank you all so much! *HUGS*

In case you felt like buying me a present...

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I must have Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It's on my wish list. :)

Happy New Year!

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First, let me just wish everyone a very happy new year! I spent mine with my brother Marc, his fiance Jaimee, his groomsman Mike, and Mike's girlfriend Becky (talk about weird since I'm part of my own Mike & Becky couple!). We went out to eat at place called Tokyo Kitchen and had some good food. Then we watched Meet the Parents at Mike & Becky's and then to the theater for Meet the Fockers. It was a very mellow evening and with exception of the shot of sake I had with dinner, I didn't have any alcohol. It was exactly the kind of evening I wanted to spend for New Year's (minus the boyfriend, of course, who won't be back until Monday).

I've had a couple downers today, but I still fully expect 2005 to be a wonderful year. First, I woke up with a head cold...I had a sore throat earlier in the week, but that went away. The cold sat back in the sidelines Thurs and Fri, but decided to migrate to my head this morning. However, Marc to the rescue with Tylenol Cold...popped one pill and the nose and eyes stopped running! Thanks Marc!

Then, when I went out to my car this morning, I discovered that it had been egged. However, it was raining last night / this morning, so the egg didn't have a chance to dry and I was able to wipe it right off!

Lastly, on my way home, I got a speeding ticket. :( I was so close to home too...I was tired, it had been a long drive, and I really just wanted to be home and lay down with my cats. I saw the cop and slowed down, but not in enough time to avoid his radar. He caught me going 87 about 5 feet (actually, I have no concept of distance, so I really don't know how many feet, but it was close) away from a 70 zone. Apparently I was in a 65 zone...I actually thought it was 70 for that whole stretch, but now I know...and either way, I was still speeding. So that's a bummer (and a waste of money!), but at least it's been long enough since my last speeding ticket that I should be able to take traffic school with no problems and continue to have a clean record.

All in all, these downers weren't really that bad, so I am still very optimistic about 2005...I am bound and determined to cure my disease of being a pack rat!

Have a great 2005 everyone!

Merry Christmas!!

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Merry Christmas everyone!! I'm spending it with my parents, my brother, and his fiance. I've been having a great time and everyone got really good gifts this year. I'm missing my boyfriend terribly of course, but I should see him in another week or so.

Take care and enjoy the holidays!

Delaying Christmas

You feel like Christmas is coming just a little too fast? Not quite enough time to get everything done in time? You're not the only one.

A Good Mail Day

In addition to the much anticipated CGAP results, I received 4 Christmas cards in the mail today. I love opening my mailbox to find multiple cards! :)

Wish List


Okay, everyone else is doing it, why not me (although a bit late)...I now, too, have a wish list at Amazon. I also have an online store at Cafe Press. There are just a few items for sale with pictures of my cats. I don't really expect many (if any) people to buy stuff, but, hey, you never know. :)

Christmas cards

I'm big on sending cards for birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas. Some people think 20-40 cards is a lot. Me, however, I have prepared 265 cards today and yesterday! I still have probably about 20 or so more to do when I get to work tomorrow because I need to look on the global directory to get addresses for some people. This is the first year that I've actually gotten them all out on time. Last year, I was still mailing some on New Year's Eve!

Some people may think I'm crazy, but I really do love sending out cards. I love receiving cards too, of course, but I never expect to receive nearly as many as I send out. It's a good year if I get a tenth as much. I send cards because I think it's important that people know they are thought of. I don't do it with the expectation of getting anything in return. I know that most people are not as fanatical about mail as I am, so it's perfectly understandable and acceptable when they don't return the gesture. Every so often, I get an email thanking me for all of my correspondence, that they enjoy it even though they hardly every reply. Those emails make it all worth it to me because I know that it does matter to a lot people; and that makes me happy.