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Another Shuttle PowerPoint

I got another PowerPoint from someone on base. This one is a conglomerate of stuff, starting with the take off of a shuttle. However, the slides appear to come from various sources, so I couldn't tell you whether or not they are related to the Discovery. The first two slides don't appear to have the same markings that are shown in Taking off from Cape Canaveral and Landing at Edwards pictures. Although the third slide looks like it could potentially have the same markings.

Anyhow, enjoy the slide show, but I make no claim that it is related to the Discovery.

More Shuttle Shots

I got some more photos today at work. These are of the shuttle taking off from Cape Canaveral. I also got one more photo to add to my Landing at Edwards page.

Shuttle Shots

Unfortunately, I missed the landing of the shuttle at Edwards AFB because I was at March ARB for a two week training class. However, I have collected some pictures that people on base have sent me. Enjoy!