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Mojave Air and Space Collectibles

Mike launched his Mojave Air and Space Collectibles site last night. He's having a grand opening sale where you get $1.00 off if you purchase a poster & pin or poster & patch together. Feel free to share with anyone you think would be interested.

New "Welcome to Mojave" sign

Mike designed the new Welcome to Mojave sign and made the local newspaper here. Unfortunately, I can't link directly to the picture w/ caption, but it's the second one from the top (at least until the next issue is released on Thursday). Can you tell that I'm a proud girlfriend? :)

Udate: Now that Desert News has another issue up, I've put the photo with caption I was referring to here.

Winding Down of Official SpaceShipOne Merchandise

Well the Official SpaceShipOne Merchandise website is winding down. If you are interested in purchasing any more official SpaceShipOne merchandise from them, you will need to do so by March 15th.

However, there will be a new website for SpaceShipOne and other related collectibles coming soon.

Click here for more details.

SpaceShipOne Calendar

SpaceShipOne Calendars are now available on the Rocketboosters site!

Recent Picture

For those of you who have been bugging me for a recent picture, here is one that was taken with Burt Rutan and Mike Massee in front of SpaceShipOne at the Rocketboosters celebration on Sunday.