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Eisenhower (IKE) Reunions

Class of 1996

This page was last modified: July 31, 2016

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Status of 20-Year Reunion - Completed, A Success!
Please join the 20 year reunion Facebook Group
Please view and upload your pictures and videos to this Google album

Event Details:

Date: July 30, 2016
Time: 6pm - 11:30pm
Location: Double Tree Hotel in Ontario, CA
Dinner: Buffet Style

Cost: $75 per person
Purchase tickets at:

(Scroll down and select 1 or 2 tickets from the drop down menu and click on the "Buy Now" button.
It will take you to a PayPal page where you may either log into your PayPal account to complete the purchase,
or continue as a guest without a PayPal account and just enter your bank or credit card info for payment.)
Last Day to Purchase Tickets: 6/29/2016

Try,, or one of the other travel sites will help you book a room if needed around the Ontario Doubletree,
as the Doubletree has advised they are booked for that weekend already. Check availability at Radisson, Sheraton, Ramada Inn, Ayres Suites, etc. 

Committee Members
Myiesha Majors
Catrice Kobe-Lover Mitchell
Rebecca Clark
Rochelle Wright
Anita Norris-Carter
Tamara Washington
Jaymee Vixie Uhler-Bingham
Porsha Wedlow

07/31/2016: A great time was had at our 20-year reunion. To help facilitate being able to go to one place to view all the pictures from the event, please join this Google album and upload your photos. Please spread the word to other attendees so they may upload their photos too.

06/19/2016: My apologies. I should have updated this website and sent out an email through my mailing list much sooner. My life has been pretty chaotic since about November, and is just now starting to calm down. Again, my apologies, but hopefully you all have been keeping up through the Facebook Group. The details of the reunion are listed above. The last date to purchase tickets is 6/29/2016, so buy them now!

Also, please note that the delay in getting this website updated has nothing to do with the committee members. This website is run by Rebecca (Pease) Pritchett. I am the one who did not update the website earlier. I'm not on the committee, but just volunteered to help out with spreading the word. Unfortunately, life happened and I am spreading the word now, very last minute. Sorry guys. I look forward to seeing you all there though!!

07/13/2015: A committee has been formed to plan the 20 year reunion! Details will be forthcoming, but the date is targeted to be sometime in the Summer of 2016. A Facebook Group has been created to start getting in contact with everyone from our class. Please join the group and pass on the link to anyone you know from our class. For those who would rather get information outside of Facebook, I will send out pertinent information through a mailing list. Sign up here.

Older Info:

11/11/2006: We had a decent turn out for the 10 year reunion. Thank you to everyone who was able to make it. Someone left behind a Biography Book, so if that was you and you would like it back, let me know and I'll be happy to mail it to you. It was great talking to those of you with whom I was able.  There were several of you whom I had meant to talk with before the night was over, but that somehow didn't happen; sorry about that.

For those of you who weren't able to make it, we can at least share pictures! I would love for this gallery to be an area to view everyone's pictures.  If you took pictures at the reunion, please either email them to me to upload or let me know you have some and I will create a user name and password for you on my site so you can upload them yourself. If you would like to download the photos directly to your computer, click on the zip icon next to the album name.  This will allow you to download a zip file with all the pictures from that album.

Planning the 15-year: Now that the 10-year is over, it's time to give some thought toward the next reunion.  Marlenna announced that she wasn't planning on doing the 20-year, so it was up for grabs.  I heard rumors that Carlina (Salters) Payne was interested in planning the 20-year and Joyce Skeens was interested in planning the 15-year.  Also, Iman Tryon contacted me saying that she is interested in planning the 15-year.  From the feedback I've received from people who weren't able to make it to the 10-year, it sounds like a 15-year reunion would be very welcome. So we'll probably plan on having a reunion every 5 years.

I would be very interested in helping out with the 15-year, 20-year, and so on.  I'm good at keeping in touch with people and already have a lot of information from planning this reunion. I sent Joyce an email earlier today. Potentially our 15-year committee will consist of Joyce, Iman, and myself.  If anyone else is interested to be on the committee, please let us know. All of the real planning details can be worked out later, but I wanted to at least let people know that one is in the works.

I had gone through all 4 yearbooks and put together a spreadsheet listing everyone who was in our class during any of those 4 years (regardless of whether or not they actually graduated from IKE).  I have 95 physical addresses and 88 email addresses.  My email mailing list has 123 addresses, so I know there are some people who signed up that I haven't matched to their names on the spreadsheet.

Since I already have so much information and am good at keeping things organized, I propose that I be the one to collect everyone's contact info.  If you provided it to the reunion company, but not to me, then I don't have it, so please pass it on to me.  If you signed up for the mailing list, but didn't tell me who you are, would you mind sending me an email so I can update my spreadsheet?

Also, please try to remember to keep me updated with new contact info over the years.  I plan to send an email through the mailing list about once a year to remind people to let me know if they've moved.  If you happen to know any fellow classmates, be sure to send them my way to sign up for the mailing list.  The mailing list should be extremely low volume until about a year or so before the next reunion.  The tentative date would be Saturday, June 11, 2011.

For this next reunion, we are going to try to do it without a reunion company.  There were pros and cons using one this year and I'm sure there will be pros and cons to not using one.  Then for our 20-year, we will have the experience of both and can build on lessons learned from each.  Ideally, we'll get better at this each time.

Please feel free to share your ideas on the MySpace Reunion Group.  It would be nice to use the bulletin boards to keep in better touch with each other over the next 5 years.  And of course you can always contact me!

On another note, if you are trying to get in contact with on old classmate, let me know and I may be able to help. I won't pass on contact info without permission, but I can let you know if I have any contact info for the person you're looking for and pass along your info to them.

Mailing List Info

To be included on the Eisenhower Class of 1996 Reunion Mailing List, simply submit your email address below. Don't worry, the mailing list is hosted through my own domain and your email will not be given out to anyone so you won't receive SPAM by signing up.

View the list archives here.
Submit your physical address here. (Your address is safe with me...I won't release it to anyone without your permission).

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