March 2005 Archives

A free weekend

Ah...finally, a weekend to stay home. The last time I had a weekend at home, I spent the entire weekend doing homework, so it didn't really feel like a weekend at all. This weekend, however, should be nice.

I had yesterday off, and ran a bunch of errands including a doctor's appt., hair cut, shoe shopping (my work shoes are really worn), grocery shopping at Trader Joe's, purchasing a new top-entry litter box, and getting my car smogged -- my fuel cap failed and I had to buy a new one...not sure if that was a scam or not, but there was really nothing I could do but pay the $10 for a new fuel cap and be on my way.

I came home to the power out, so Mike and I lit some candles & oil lamps and cooked dinner on our gas stove. The lights came on right after we finished cooking, but we decided to turn them back off to have a candle lit dinner. :)

Last night I watched Practical Magic and an episode of Buffy from Netflix. This morning I caught up on all my belated birthday cards (sent out a total of 25). Now I'll probably lie on the couch and read for school. Later, Mike and I are going out for dinner and dress shopping for an event next weekend that requires evening casual (I think that's what they called it) attire. Since I've lost weight, I don't have anything that fits that description (and to be honest, I don't know that I did before I lost weight).

I feel productively relaxed, and I still have tomorrow. :)

New "Welcome to Mojave" sign

Mike designed the new Welcome to Mojave sign and made the local newspaper here. Unfortunately, I can't link directly to the picture w/ caption, but it's the second one from the top (at least until the next issue is released on Thursday). Can you tell that I'm a proud girlfriend? :)

Udate: Now that Desert News has another issue up, I've put the photo with caption I was referring to here.

Winding Down of Official SpaceShipOne Merchandise

Well the Official SpaceShipOne Merchandise website is winding down. If you are interested in purchasing any more official SpaceShipOne merchandise from them, you will need to do so by March 15th.

However, there will be a new website for SpaceShipOne and other related collectibles coming soon.

Click here for more details.