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This page was last modified: April 6, 2006

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How did I do it?


Okay, I've been losing a lot of weight, so here are some before and midpoint pictures for you all:


April 2003
(this is not when I started my diet, however, it's a really good "before" picture)

approx. 170 pounds (size 16 and x-large)


May 2004

approx. 147 pounds (size 10 and medium)


I'm wearing the SAME jeans! Look how baggy they are in the second picture!! :) About a week or so after the second picture was taken, I went shopping and bought some clothes that fit. I was starting to have to use safety pins to keep my pants up for my work clothes!

11/01/04:  Update -- this morning I weighed 137.8!!  That's over 32 pounds!  I have approx. 10 more pounds to go, and they are coming off very slowly (the last ones are always the hardest), but I'm getting there.  It's very exciting.  Click here to see my progress.  Recipes will be coming soon.

11/06/04:  Recipes are up.  So is my How Did I Do It? page.

12/01/04:  People have been asking for a more recent picture.  Here is one that was taken on November 14th.

6/26/05:  I have two more recipes up!

4/4/06:  I'm actually down to 128.8! See my progress page.

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