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This page was last modified: February 28, 2006

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The Old News About the Spaz Pages

11/25/03:  So far I've only raised $7 for the Send Ben to Burning Man Fund.  Please, even a buck or two will help!  Also, I'm due for a major overhaul of my website.  Any suggestions, tips, etc. would be much appreciated.  Although I would like to get to it soon, I realistically won't get to it until February or so.  Email me and I'll read them, implement what I can as I can, and save them for when I'm ready to do the major overhaul.

11/16/03:  My best friend has but one request for Christmas this year:  to go to Burning Man.  He has allowed me to set up a fund for the cause.  So, please, send a $1 or $2 to help the Send Ben to Burning Man Fund.  Thanks!

07/09/03:  FeaturePrice, my former web hosting company went bankrupt...I've changed web hosting companies...having a heck of a time getting my domain back...web sit is up an running though, but you have to have the actual IP address, not just  Let me know if you come across any errors or broken links... Added some new links to the Picture page... 


Will update more at a later date... WSC--here are the pictures of Peggy's birthday.  Also, here are last year's 4th of July pictures (I'm not sure if everything is in tact though--please let me know if there are any errors).  Please bug me about this year's 4th of July pictures and whatever else I may be missing.  I'll try to get them up...but please keep bugging me.

02/15/03:  Well I've done a little updating on my About Me page.  Also added a few quotes to my Quotes page. I've also added a page with new lyrics to "names and dates and times" by Ani DiFranco.  She's been performing that song lately with a slight twist to the lyrics.  I though it was pretty neat.  Not much else as far as editing goes.  My apartment caught on fire in November.  I have lots of pictures, but haven't done anything with them yet.  Here's one to look at though to get an idea of the damage.  Don't worry, I had fire insurance, so all is well.  I've also added a few pictures to My European Adventures page. 

10/16/02:  I have some pictures up from my latest trip to Knott's Scary Farm.

09/29/02:  I went to Magic Mountain a couple days ago.  Here are some pictures.  Also, the Beckycam page no longer works because it was only a temporary service.  I guess you'll just have to see me on an instant messenger to view my web cam.  So if you see me online, and want to view my web cam, just let me know.

08/19/02:  Well, I now have a page where you can view my web cam.  Remember that I'm on dial up.  And I don't know  how often I'll actually have it running.  But here's the link.  You'll need a password, it's "beckycam"

08/12/02:  I now have a web cam!  I haven't really used it as a web cam yet, but it did come with some software that allows my to create web albums pretty easily.  I've put up pictures of my friend Tracy's baby shower as my first creation with this new software.  This new album is also now accessible from my Pictures page.  If you want to be notified as I put up more albums, send an email to to be included on my web updates mailing list.

07/29/02:    Well I now have my very own domain which I host through Hosting-Network, Inc.  Pretty soon, my friends' band The Order of the Fly will also be hosted through them on my account (I can have up to 4 domains on my account).  I'm very excited about all of the things I'm able to do with my new domain.  For example, I am able to create a mailing list for people who would like to be notified of updates to my website.  To join this list, send an email to  Currently, I'm just converting my entire website to from to, while making a few changes here and there.  Over the next several weeks I'll probably be doing some bigger updates since I'll have quite a bit of free time.  If you happen to come across a bad link or would like me to update, add, or remove a link to your page, please let me know.

07/08/01:    I've added some more photo albums to my picture page!

06/10/01:    I've decided to rejoin the Chigoth mailing list and therefore have added a link to my Chigoth page.   I've also updated my Links page.  I added a few and removed a few whose links were broken.  If you would like your site added, email me and let me know.

06/09/01:    I've added some albums to my Pictures page.  I've also changed the order of the albums so that the newest ones are on top instead of on bottom.  That way if you've looked at my albums before, you don't have to scroll down to the end of the page to find the new albums.  I've also added some more WSC Links.   I've also separated the WSC Links into two pages since the page was getting quite cumbersome.  On the newer page, I did the same thing as I did with the Pictures page; I have the newest links on top instead of on bottom.

04/29/01:    I changed the look of the cemetery pictures.  I like it a lot better this way.  That's about all I've done for now.  After finals are over, I hope to scan some more pictures of Europe to add to My European Adventures page.

04/20/01:    I've added a few things to the About Me page, although not much.

04/07/01:    I've converted all of my pages to the new format now.  So there shouldn't be any broken links.  Let me know if you come across any please.   Thanks.

04/01/01:    I discovered Microsoft FrontPage!  I created a web page for the Desert Lights Chapter of American Business Women's Association (ABWA).   It looked so much more professional than my own personal pages, so I decided to try using FrontPage for my own pages.  I've also changed the color scheme so that the pages are easier to read.  If you don't like it, I'm open to suggestions, so email me.  However, I haven't had a chance to change the format of all the pages yet.  I have added a bunch of photo albums to my Pictures page and I've also added a few pictures to My European Adventures page.

02/05/01: Well I've finally made a page to talk about my European Adventures. As far as the design goes, it's nothing special yet, but it does give a full account of my trip. I haven't had the time to scan any more pictures. The only ones I have up are my cemetery pictures. And those aren't even ?necessarily my favorites. They were pictures that were specifically requested by a friend, so I just scanned them for her instead of making reprints. Anyway, as I've said, I would *like* to do a major overhaul this summer, but until then I just have to work with what I have. Hope you like it!

01/02/01: I've finally got my guestbook working!!! Feel free to sign it. Most of the updating I've done has been to my new WeSuckClub page. Looks like I wasn't able to get to it over the summer. I don't know where all the time went! I guess that's what I get for working full time at Bank of America AND part time (over 30 hours a week over the summer) at United Blood Services! Well, the semester at UNLV is going to start soon, so I will probably have to wait until *this* summer. I really would like to do a major overhaul on it, but in the meantime, enjoy what I have. I will probably make small changes from time to time.

5/15/00: Okay, over the summer I plan to update my page quite a bit. I'm doing a little bit now, but the month of May is going to be quite hectic for me, so I plan to do more in June. The main thing that I've done is put up some cemetery pictures from Europe and remove the links to the "Life in Vegasland" page about my old living situation and the "Life in California" page which pretty much just talked about my ex. I'm also updating my links, so if anyone wants me to add a link to my links page let me know. Enjoy!

3/7/99: I just bought a scanner today! I'll have to figure out exactly how to work it because it's not scanning the pictures the way I'd like it to. Unfortunately, it's a bit late and the scanner makes beeping noises, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow when no one is sleeping. In the meantime, I have one new picture up. I'll keep you posted as my Photo Album gets updated.

1/28/99: Well, I don't get around to updating my web page too often, but I just got a new picture of my friend James so I thought I'd put it up on the web. If I can locate a scanner at UNLV, I'll copy some more pictures and probably update my page quite a bit at that point. Between Thanksgiving and now, I've taken 44 rolls of film worth of pictures! Yes, I'm a camera freak. Of course, not all those pictures are developed yet, but 18 rolls are from my 21st birthday party at the Monte Carlo (and a friend's house because we got kicked out) on December 5th, so when they do get developed, you can bet there'll be some interesting pictures! What else is new with me? Well, at the end of May, beginning of June, I'm going to Europe with Heather and Braulio! We're going to London, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, and wherever else we can fit in three weeks! We're all really excited! Anyway, let me get to making the page with my new picture....

9/19/98: It's been a while since I've done anything to my page. I'm still not really doing anything to my page now, just removing the old entries for "The News About Spaz." I started UNLV at the beginning of this month. It feels really great to be back in school. I'm still working my two jobs, both of which I love. Basically I'm just a busy person. Maybe someday I'll truly update my web page, scan some more pictures, etc. But for now, I need to go do my homework....

2/14/98: Tired right now, so not going to write much. Main change I want to make can be read on my Life in Vegasland page. Maybe update more later...

11/04/97: Well, it's just after midnight, which I guess technically makes it the fourth, otherwise, it's still the third. I know it's been a while since I've updated my page. I'm hardly ever on the computer anymore except to check my email, and those of you who email me know that I've just been reading and not responding. I don't know why exactly, but the internet and email just doesn't hold that "charm" for me anymore. May have something to do with me meeting real live people out here in Vegas. Who knows? Let's see, what's new with me? I got another job. Now I work at Bank of America and United Blood Services. Together they make a full time job. I bought a car ('94 Honda Accord Ex) from my mom last Friday (Halloween--hey, did you know that Halloween is a holiday out here? It's Nevada Day. The oddest thing...)! I've been playing in a live action Vampire game called City of Sin. I've only played a couple times, but it's a lot of fun. I've met quite of few people there, and learning more about the whole role playing bit. Geez! I can't stop yawning! I should probably go to sleep now. I guess I don't have that much else going on in my life. Well, I do hang out at a Cafe now. I've met so many people that remind me of people in California, be it their mannerisms, the way they look, or the way they talk. It's so weird. I want to have a birthday party in December (still working out finding a house or hotel to throw it at) and invite the people from California and the people from Cafe Copioh and the people from City of Sin. It's going to be a huge party (if everyone I invite shows up). I was going to have it on the 13th (got the weekend off of work and everything) because I would have a good deal on rooms at the Hilton ($40), but only for that weekend. Then I realized that it's a 2nd Saturday of the month which means none of the City of Sin people would make it, including Perfect. So now I want to have it on the 20th, but I have to call around for prices and such. I've always had a wide variety of friends, I wonder how these three groups will meld. Actually, four, because I'll be inviting people from work. And of course there are different clicks in each of the groups. This will definitely be an interesting party if I can pull it off. For the past two years, I've had my birthday parties at the Ramada Inn in California, inviting all the different clicks, and everyone told me they were great parties. So I have to hold up the tradition! Now I'm getting all excited thinking about my birthday, and not being able to wait to call up hotels. It would be so neat to have everyone there. Don't mind me, I'm just rambling on to myself. I don't know who reads my page anymore anyway. Well, email me or something. Bye.

8/15/97: I haven't really done much updating, except fixing my guestbook so that you can sign it now. Also, I've changed the color scheme of this page and my quotes page.

8/13/97: Well, this section was starting to get a bit long, so if you'd like to read my past entries, click here. Let's see, I've discovered how to have words show up under the pictures if you put your pointer on them. I've also figured out how to choose my own background (choosing to have an image as my background), but I haven't found a practical use for it yet. I was shown a really nifty search engine called HOTBOT. You can search for sites that have links to certain sites, you can search for people, and some other pretty nifty stuff. I've been adding to my Chigoth links for those of you who are interested. I think that's about all for now.

7/10/97: Well, I've been updating my pages slowly and not really writing anything about them right here, so I guess I should start doing that now. First off, the computer IS working again in our apartment. However, I'm getting rid of AOL, (it takes FOREVER to get on, if I get on at all) so only write to me at I'm actually starting to like hotmail now. And, hey, it's free. I now have links explaining why the name Mistress Becky since so many people ask me that question, and why the name Spaz. I was referred to a really cool site called Tamagothi by the Chigoth mailing list. If you are at all into the goth "culture", you'll enjoy it. I have also added a page about my roommates, if you'd like to see who I live with. Oh, and look here for a really bizarre picture. Also, I've modified my guestbook so that the options for how you got there actually apply to people, so...sign The Spaz Guestbook.

6/18/97: Right now, the computer at our apartment is toast. So the only computer I can use for the time being is at the community college, which means that I can't get into my aol account. So until further notice, write to me at

5/30/97: I guess it's been a while since I've updated my page. Well, I now live in Las Vegas, I moved a little earlier than I had originally planned. I just got internet access at my apartment, so I can now update my page. It'll probably be a while before I'm done (if ever), but I'll be doing little bits here and there. I now have 3 email addresses: (this is the one I will probably use the most), (this is where I'll be handling all the forwards), and (this is where I receive my Chigoth mail). So feel free to write, and hopefully there will be changes soon.

1/28/97: I have figured out some more stuff, like how to put links in the middle of sentences. I have also found two more places where I can get free web pages: geocities and angelfire, but I have had very little luck as of yet. My boyfriend and my best friend have their own web pages now. Hee hee, this is fun! Anyway, I just wanted to try out my new "trick"! But keep checking back, because I'll be updating frequently.

1/27/97: Well, I'm still in the works of changing things with my pages. I have added a couple pictures of me since I have had complaints that people want to see real pictures of me. Unfortunately to do this, I had delete the other pictures (except I left the one of my boyfriend). There is also a picture on the NIN page. I will keep writing in this section as I am working on my pages.

Okay, as you can see (if you've visited this page before), I have made several changes. I now have pictures available. There are five total. One is on this page, and the "Picture" page has the other four. I have also listed them separately, if you wish to view them that way (viewing the picture page might take a bit longer). Anyway, I plan to continue updating this page (I don't know how many times I have updated it today alone! {Today being January 23, 1997.) The email link is fixed also, so you can contact me through there if you wish. Enjoy!

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